Take control over your finance

Track expenses

quickly and easily. Wherever you want. On every device

Create a budget

with a few clicks. Check your progress on clear graphs

Use together

with your family. You can take care of your finances together in one account

Keep the budget in your pocket

check our mobile app:

Multiple budgets

within a single account will allow you to take care of your household, corporate and even child's finances

Analyse finances

and draw conclusions. Check convenient reports and summaries that you can save freely

Set your goals

that you want to achieve. Track the progress. This can be a way to get out of debt or to increase savings

Family Finance Tracker makes running a budget trivially simple

  You can use the application both on your computer and on your phone. The data synchronizes automatically. This allows you to access it at any time, at any place. If you’re still hesitating, check how easy it is and what you can achieve with your home budget.

Budgeting need not be an unpleasant obligation

See for yourself that with the right tool, taking care of your personal finances can be quick and enjoyable.Try our application for free.

You don’t lose anything. You can gain a lot. You will learn your financial habits, you will be able to determine exactly what you spend your money on. You will quickly prepare a budget and check the progress of its implementation.