Take control over your finances

„Tell the money where to go
instead of wondering where it has gone”

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Add as many accounts as you want, in any currency!


You can add as many accounts to the application as you like. These can be both bank accounts or cash in your wallet. The account balance will be updated with every operation you register so that you can have a full overview of your finances – on your home computer or always with you – on your phone’s screen.


Create custom categories, or use predefined!



You can define any number of categories and sub-categories. You can add, delete, change the order – simply by dragging the appropriate lines. All this to perfectly reflect your needs. 

You do not know how to do it or you think it will take too much time? Do not worry! Immediately after the first login you will receive a default set that we propose, which you can use without changes, or only adjust it to your needs.





Create and track family budget


Plan your expenses and revenues in each category you have defined. Thanks to clear progress bars you will see where you spend too much and where you still have a reserve.





Monitor your finances together, with the whole family.



Invite anyone you want to manage your finances, just enter the email address of the person you want to join. Keep track of your expenses together, analyze what you spend most money on, decide where the areas that you can optimize are.





Register your expenses whenever you want!

Do you still forget to register your expenses? Register them right away – right after they are made. Thanks to a convenient and clear interface, it will take less than 30 seconds!

Do you prefer to collect receipts and take notes every once in a while? Here you are! You decide how to manage your finances as conveniently as possible.

Each operation you enter, updates the account balance automatically. Thanks to which you can see, right in one place, how funds from particular accounts were used.

Control flows between accounts.

It does not matter if it’s a bank account or cash. It does not matter in which currency. We support them all! Note the flows between your accounts so that you can easily verify how much money is in your accounts at any time, and how much cash you should have in your wallet.

Browse the list of operations.

You can browse the operations of the selected payer, account, category or sub-category.

Both for the selected month and for the whole year.

Control your finances on any device



Your data is stored in a secure cloud, so you can browse and update it on any device, from anywhere in the world. All you need is internet access and a phone or tablet with Android or IOS. You can also manage your data on a desktop computer or laptop – in a web browser.

One application, the same consistent and clear interface, all devices.





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