Some time ago we got infected with the idea of ​​conscious planning and monitoring of our expenses. Unfortunately, we did not find an interesting and appropriate tool that would make this process pleasant and not cumbersome. Paper and pen is not a solution for us, the spreadsheet also does not always work. That is why we decided to create our own solution. Our application that would support, among other things:

  • Listing expenses on all popular platforms
  • Account status monitoring
  • Budget planning
  • Sharing data between all family members.

Step by step, we are going in this direction. We have a lot of interesting ideas that we want to share. Perhaps there are more people among you who would like to use such a tool. We count on comments and ideas from you.
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Tomasz Budzyński · September 29, 2019 at 8:46 pm

Podobnie jak Wy nie mogłem znaleźć odpowiedniego narzędzia do panowania nad finansami. Był Microsoft Money i Excel ale czegoś co działa równie dobrze na smartphonie nie znalazłem. Dzisiaj dowiedziałem się o Waszej aplikacji i na pierwszy rzut oka wygląda świetnie. Przetestuję przez okres próbny i mam nadzieję, że ciągle będzie fajnie 🙂


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