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A few days ago we released a new version of the Family Finance Tracker application. Once again, the list of changes is quite long. After logging in you can see that quite a lot has changed. We have modified the application’s colors a little to make them more consistent.


main page


Split payments

One of the most frequently asked questions from users was how to enter operations with multiple categories at once. An example here can be a situation when on one receipt we have grocery shopping, cosmetics or even clothes. So far, to record such an expense, three separate operations had to be made. From this version, you can already do it on one screen.


operations for muitiple categories


You can add separate notes to each item on the list. Each of them will appear separately on the list of operations, so that it is still possible to easily analyze the operations divided into categories. The exception here is the operation list view for specified account. A grouped item will be displayed there. In that case comparing bank account balance with balance in application should be more convinient.



HashTags are mostly known from social media, where they are used to mark and group posts. The Family Finance Tracker uses categories and sub-categories to group operations. In some situations, however, this may be insufficient. For example, it has not been possible to check how much money we spent in a particular store or during a particular trip.

From the current version, each operation can be marked with any hashtag:



Insert the word preceded by the “#” sign while writing operation note, and it will be recognized as a hashtag. You can add any number of hashtags to one operation, and also add a “normal” description.

To avoid mistakes when tagging operations (eg typos), previously used hashtags can be selected from the list. Press “plus” button on the right side of the field with the note. A window will appear with the selection of available hashtags:


hashtag selection


Thanks to the hashtags,  we can make additional operation categorizing, which can then be freely filtered in the rebuilt operation list window.

Operation list

From this version you can filter operation list by additional parameters:

operation list filtering


Thanks to the possibility of filtering through many criteria and operation tagging, now you can freely analyze your financial history. In addition, the search results can be exported to a CSV file and imported to any spreadsheet.


Simplified category selection

Some Users reported that selecting categories using icons slows down the process of entering operations. However, we did not want to completely remove it, because adding icons was also Users’ idea ;-). As you can see, everyone has different needs. We are certainly not able to satisfy everyone, but we try to do as much as we can. That’s why we’ve added the possibility to choose a category entry method. If the icons bother you, now you can turn them off in the Settings menu. In this case you will be able to select category using dropdown list with autocomplete option.




The functionalities listed above are not the only changes. The full changelog contains a lot more items. Feel free to test the latest version. If you have tested previous versions and you didn’t like it, we still strongly encourage you to try again. Over the past few months, a lot has changed. In our opinion, it is much better now. If you have questions about the application, or something  is unclear, please contact us. We respond to all emails.

After this version’s release we are  planning to focus on building a knowledge base, tutorials, and instructional videos so that getting started with the application should be even easier.