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Now you will analyze your expenses much easier

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A few days ago we released a new version of the Family Finance Tracker application. Once again, the list of changes is quite long. After logging in you can see that quite a lot has changed. We have modified the application’s colors a little to make them more consistent. read more

Budget application, Home budget, Money management

Family Finance Tracker officialy available for everybody

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Some history

As I wrote several times, in November we released the first version of our money management application. It was relatively poor, it included expense tracking, monitoring account balance, defining custom categories. read more

Budget, Budget application, Functionalities, Home budget

Family budget and cyclic operations available

According to the declaration, which I made in the post summarizing the year 2018, we just released new version of the Family Finance Tracker  – home budget application, with creating personal budget functionality. read more

Budget, Budget application, Functionalities, Home budget

Beta test has started!

Personal expense tracker app

Today will be a short entry, rather informative, although it is quite important moment for us.

Public beta tests of our personal finance application were finally launched, after more than three months of work. I must honestly admit that, the biggest surprise for me during the preparations to run tests was the amount of time that I had to devote to the process of adding applications to mobile stores. read more

Budget, Budget application, Functionalities, Home budget

Family Finance Tracker – application “technological stack”

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In the previous post, I described the Family Finance Tracker application in terms of functionality. The scope of works of the first version, which will be public, is already closed. At the moment I’m working on refining these functionalities. So I think that the time has come to share with you the information on how, technically, the application has been built, and how it happened that one programmer was able to do a working application simultaneously for Android, iOS, as well as a version running in a web browser in 3 months. read more


The perfect tool for writing down expenses

We started recording expenses about half a year ago. We wanted to reorganize our approach to personal finance a bit, and for that we needed a summary of current situation and getting to know our habits. We had some fears at the beginning. We wondered if it makes any sense at all or the potential benefits will not be offset by the amount of effort that will have to be put into the whole process. We were worried whether we would have enough strong will, if we would have enough patience and meticulousness, so that the results we receive at the end of the month, would be meaningful in any way. However, after a short conversation, we came to the conclusion that it is worth a try. Fortunately, it was already after the first month that our fears were largely unjustified. read more