Take control over your money


budget on multiple devices

„Tell the money where to go
instead of wondering where it has gone”


download from Google Play

Add as many accounts and goals as you want!


Add your account and track total balance in one application. Define financial goals, and automatic saving transfers. Remember: “Pay yourself first”!

accunt balance and financial goals

expense categories


Customize categories list!

You can define any number of categories and sub-categories, or use predefined set, adjusted for most needs.


Create and track family budget


Plan your expenses and revenues in each category you have defined. Thanks to clear progress bars you will see where you spent too much and where you still have a reserve.





Take care of your finances together, with the whole family.


Invite anyone you want to manage your finances, just enter the email address of the person you want to share the data with. 



Add operations whenever you want!

Register your income, expenses, transfers or receipts with just a few clicks!


Analyze financial history.

Browse operations with convenient operation list and filter mechanism. Save your search configurations or export your data.

Use any device you want in secure way



Your data is stored in a secure cloud, so you can browse and update it on any device, from anywhere in the world. All you need is internet access and a phone or tablet with Android or IOS. You can also manage your data on a desktop computer or laptop – in a web browser.

One application, the same consistent and clear interface, all devices.