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Today will be a short entry, rather informative, although it is quite important moment for us.

Public beta tests of our personal finance application were finally launched, after more than three months of work. I must honestly admit that, the biggest surprise for me during the preparations to run tests was the amount of time that I had to devote to the process of adding applications to mobile stores.

Packages preparation, generation of certificates, signing packages with certificates, preparation of descriptions in the store, screenshots, icons in various sizes, splash-screens in various sizes and much more. It’s all for Android and separately for iOS.

I will not exaggerate, when I say that the whole took me 10 evenings. Fortunately, most of this work is one-off tasks. Of course, the descriptions and screenshots will now be updated with the installation of new versions, but this should be much faster. I will be able to spend more time to the implementation of new functionalities, and to respond to all of your comments that we already receive and which we are very happy with.

Everyone who subscribed to our newsletter received a short video showing the functionality of the current version, as well as links to both the browser application and the mobile version.

In addition, we sent an invitation to a special facebook group, which we have created specifically for the purpose of exchanging opinions about the beta version. 

What’s next

I think that you can sum it up with one picture:


Although the first version has been published, we definitely do not intend to rest on our laurels. We are perfectly aware that, despite the fact that the application can be already used on a daily basis to write down operations and track accounts, the needs are definitely bigger.

That is why we are planning that the work will now be carried out in two ways. More or less every two weeks, we plan to release a version containing fixes to comments made by you during beta testing. If such comments will appear, of course ;-).

Additionally in parallel, we also started to work on the budgeting functionality. Without this functionality, we can not say that our application is a full-fledged tool for managing your finances.

After adding the budgeting, we will start work on registering more  accounts’ types and fixed assets, so that it is possible to automate the calculation of net value on an ongoing basis.

Of course we have more plans, but at the moment we will focus on the two above.

Do you have any other functionalities that should be prioritized from your point of view? Write in a comment, or join our beta tests by subscribing to the newsletter at https://newsletter.familyfinancetracker.com.

Thank you in advance for all the substantive comments.

We also invite you to our facebook profile, where you can also follow the progress of work on the application on a regular basis:



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