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The turn of the year is a great time to summarize what happened last year and share plans for the next 12 months.

Previous year

2018 was a breakthrough year, as we started the Family Finance Tracker project. The idea came to our heads in April, but we started to work on the application at the beginning of September, after the summer holidays.

In general we have quite a lot of experience in running and participating in various IT projects, but this project, where apart from creating the application itself, we have to manage a website, take care about positioning, advertising, direct contacts with potential Users, is new to us.

We are still learning, but looking at the slowly but still growing statistics of visits on the website, we have probably taken the right direction. Also, the number of subscribers to our newsletter is systematically growing.

The first version of the application, which we started to use for writing down expenses, was created in exactly two months. I think this is a fairly good timing, considering that at that time we managed to make a website and prepare hosting in Google Cloud.

After a month of use, we decided that the application works so well that we can start public tests. At the beginning of December, we made the application available to subscribers of our newsletter. We launched facebook group on which we exchange comments about the application’s functioning.

I must admit that I am positively surprised by the response we received. Most opinions are definitely optimistic, there have been a lot of constructive comments and ideas for new functionalities.

At the end of December, a new version containing changes proposed by Users was released. Details can be found in this post.

Plans for 2019

Discussions on the facebook group was a source of large number of propositions.

The first and most important thing we’re working on right now, is budgeting. The works are already quite advanced. We would like to release new version with this functionality in mid-February.

After making budgeting available, we want to finish the beta tests and make the app public for everyone. This will be related to the subject of payment for access to the application. Unfortunately, the server costs are so big, that this is slowly becoming a priority.

We will offer You  access to the application in the subscription model. It will be a monthly fee, with a discount if you pay for the year in advance. We also plan additional bonuses for all beta testers. Therefore, we encourage you to create accounts and test the application now :).

 If we can sell the right number of licenses, we would like to find someone who will help us with marketing, so that we can focus on the development of the application. If not, we will have to divide our time  both for adding new functionalities, and announce on the internet that we exist and that we have some interesting we want to share 😉

We are looking at this new year full of optimism. Working on the development of the application gives us a lot of satisfaction. In addition, all your positive feedback and constructive comments motivate us to further efforts. Please continue 🙂

At the same time, we traditionally ask you to like our profile on Facebook, which you can find at this address: 


As a result, we will be able to reach even more people, and at this stage it is very important to us.

If you have any questions, please let us know in the comments. Thanks.


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