Have you ever wondered what you really spend money on?

How much does it take for food, how much for home maintenance, for the car, and how much for things that you really do not realize? Until recently, we did not know, and to be honest it was probably even comfortable for us. We earn quite well, it was enough for the majority of whims and the control of expenses seemed to us unnecessary and very troublesome.

Turning point

Everything changed when we came across Michał Szafrański’s blog “How to save money” (https://jakoszczedzacpieniadze.pl/). Unfortunately, if you do not know the Polish language, it will not be useful for you. However, if you speak Polish and you do not know Michał’s blog yet, we strongly recommend it! You will certainly not regret it and learn a lot from it. Michał, apart from the fact that he prepared many comprehensive and substantive entries about saving money, also wrote a great book “Finansowy Ninja” about personal finances, which in Poland became a bestseller. After reading it, our approach to personal finances has changed completely.

The biggest change we have made is monthly planning of the home budget and meticulous listing of all expenses. Already, after the first few months, we are able to say what we spend too much and where are some places to optimize.

Actual tool

We use Google Sheets and a very good sheet prepared by Michał for quoting expenses. However, this solution has some shortcomings. Using it on the phone is not comfortable, and the most convenient would be to note the expense immediately after its done. There are applications of this type on the market, we checked few of them, but each had some functionalities that did not suit us.


As both of us are IT specialists, we decided to prepare our own solution that perfectly fits our needs. After starting the work, we came to the conclusion that since such a tool may be useful for us, maybe someone else will also want to use it. The project is in the initial phase of implementation, but we decided that we now want to share our ideas with potential users – you. This is the best moment to discuss the approach we propose, make appropriate adjustments, add elements that will improve the usability of the application. In subsequent entries, we intend to present the assumptions of the project, the functionality we plan to add in the first stage, as well as we will discuss the progress of the work. We both work professionally, so we can not devote ourselves completely to the project, but after the first month of work, we can see the first effects. We hope that tracking our blog will be an interesting experience for readers. You will be able to follow the next stages of work, see how much time and effort it costs to prepare this type of application and have a real impact on the final effect. On our part, we will try to make next posts not too technical, so that they are understandable for most readers. We count on your support very much.

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Best Regards

Karolina and Tolek



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