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For about two weeks, our personal expense tracker app is now available in public beta tests, to which subscribers of our newsletter have been invited. On a dedicated facebook group, we collect comments and suggestions for changes.

The result of these discussions is the published version 0.0.6, containing almost exclusively the changes proposed by you.

Below I will try to present the most important modifications.

Icons for sub-categories

The screen for adding a sub-category has been completely rebuilt. Until now, when adding a sub-category, only its name was required. Currently, you also need to select the icon that will be assigned to the subcategory, and the background color.

The add sub-categories screen is as follows:


spending tracker app


There are over 70 different icons to choose from. You can additionally set the level of transparency, when selecting the background color.

When creating a new file and loading the default set of categories and sub-categories, the default set of icons is of course also set. You do not need to choose the icons manually.


Screen for adding operations

After selecting icons in the sub-category, we also had to rebuild the “add operations” screen. Currently, after pressing the “plus” on the home screen,  the window for adding operations is opened, and at the same time a new window for selecting a subcategory:


budget app for couples


The list can be filtered using the field at the top of the window. In addition, the application remembers 6 last used subcategories and puts them at the top of the list. Thanks to this, the adding the expense or income should be even faster.

After selecting a category, the list with icons will be closed and the user can enter the amount and other parameters of the operation:


spending tracker app screen


The selected sub-category can be changed by clicking the icon again.

Side panel and account browser

A search field has been added to the list of accounts. With larger amount of accounts, managing them was quite tedious. In addition, a side panel has been added to the right side of the screen. The most important summaries will be displayed on the panel:


personal budget app account list


Currently, there are two cards on the panel. One with the sum of  expenses and revenues for the selected period (month or year), and second with the actual summary of all accounts.

In the browser version, the right panel should always be visible. In the mobile version, you can display it by sliding your finger to the left from the right edge of the screen.

Icon styles

This is rather not  functional, but aesthetic change. I think that some people may like it. Three different styles of icons have been added:


Personal finance app - icon themes


The choice of theme used is stored separately on each device. We can have a different style on the phone and another in the browser. In addition, each person using the application can also set their favorite icons.

Other changes

The above-mentioned changes are only the most visible ones. In addition, a number of minor improvements have been introduced, which should improve  application usability. Full list of changes for version 0.0.6 is below:

  • added space between the label and the edit field on the payer add-on screen
  • added bank account description field
  • changed fields’ appearance on the “add category” screen
  • added the “+” button in the list of operations. You can add a new operation from the list of operations using it. The appropriate field will be selected (payer, account or category) by default
  • added the default currency rate download from https://api.exchangeratesapi.io to the add operation screen
  • added default currency rate download from https://api.exchangeratesapi.io to the account transfer screen
  • icons for subcategories 
  • “add operation” screen has been rebuild – added icons usage
  •  over 70 different icons added
  • default icons and colors to the default categories assigned
  • added icon update mechanism, for file created before the icon handling was introduced
  • added three styles of icons and choices of those in settings
  • icon approving adding the item to a more readable one changed
  • side panel on the right side (on the phone, pulled out by dragging left from the right edge)
  • summary of expenses and revenues on the side panel added
  • summary of the state of accounts on the side panel added
  • search engine in the list of accounts
  • refreshing the list of accounts by pulling down on the list
  • adding an email of logged in user in the header menu
  • removing an unnecessary line separating categories in the category edition screen


I would like to thank all those who have submitted their suggestions for improvements and modifications. Thanks to your input, we have the impression that the development of the application goes in the right direction.

We can invent different solutions and implement them ourselves, but only you – Users – can tell us whether what we do has any sense and whether it works in practice.

If you have comments about the changes we have made, or further suggestions, write in the comments. We will not be able to implement all of them right away. Sometimes we need to set priorities and decide what we will implement first, but we read all your comments carefully  and take them into consideration.


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